Are you struggling to maintain client satisfaction and keep up the workload while social distancing? Do you want to be available to your clients from the comfort of your own home?

We know it may be difficult to stay on the forefront of veterinary medicine during today's ever changing societal demands and norms. GuardianVets is here to make sure you are always up to date and have all of the tools you need to continue to provide the best level of patient care. What is perhaps the biggest demand at this time is the ability to provide effective telemedicine. Practices are concerned with keeping both clients and staff safe while most are also experiencing elevated appointment numbers. With telemedicine, you can meet client demands, keep everyone safe, and still perform the same level of veterinary care. Telemedicine can occur through several channels of communication, and leave everyone involved feeling comfortable with the outcome of the visit.


Be available to clients through a free app for both the DVM and the Pet Owner

Integrate seamlessly into your PMs and have access to medical records remotely as well as generate consultation reports that will be synched to your system

Text, call, or video chat directly with clients

Ability to be available for virtual visits on demand with the touch of a button or set your own virtual visit appointment times

Ability to customize your own types of telemedicine consults with charges you choose

Ability to customize your own types of telemedicine consults with charges you choose

Receive payments immediately after a visit occurs

Consultation report, call recordings, and messaging history is stored and able to be viewed at any time

Ability to fill RX forms directly from the app, linked to your pharmacy

Ability to add 2 way chat feature to the app so clients can contact your practice directly

Still follows VCPR

Put your veterinary practice at the forefront of technology.

Caring for your veterinary patients digitally has never been easier.

Monetize your time

Once you enter into your Virtual Consultation, you will be earning extra money while making efficient use of your time.

Set your hours

Set your own hours of availability, including an on-demand option for an immediate consult.

Connect with your clients anywhere

Whether at the hospital or at home, easily connect with your clients using our telemedicine app in the Apple Store for IOS or Google Play for Android.

Integrate Seamlessly Into Your PiMS

Our software is built to meet the needs of veterinary practices, fit within your workflows and integrate seamlessly.

See our Two-Way Chat Solution
Keep your practice functional while giving peace of mind to clients and staff by limiting social contact.
Increase cash flow by adding an additional service while monetizing the time you are currently offering for free.
Ability to easily provide a new age service that clients are eager to participate in, increasing customer satisfaction.
Be available to your clients on demand or during non traditional hours.
We know that telemedicine may feel impersonal to those who are new to it, and we understand that hesitation. However, the ability to chat with your veterinarian on your own schedule, at your own home, and chat one on one without the distractions of a busy exam room is a fastly growing demand from clients and is actually increasing the veterinarian-patient bond. Telemedicine simply allows you another outlet to provide your clients with an exceptional level of veterinary care. Let us help you make this addition to your services an easy one!
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