Virtual CSR

Is your front office staff overwhelmed by an influx of calls, patient requests, and curbside check-ins?

GuardianVets now has a virtual CSR dedicated to your clinic, keeping you from sacrificing your customer service standards and assisting your team during working hours. Our virtual team member is available remotely to engage in all duties of a CSR, at a fraction of the cost!

Virtual CSR

Add a trained veterinary professional to your team to assist during a heightened time of need.

Your dedicated CSR will participate in all responsibilities of the front office team, from answering calls to taking prescription requests, making appointments, and more. 

Inflow of calls is directed based on a phone tree that is set up to your specific preferences.

Our Virtual CSR is available at less than half of the cost of hiring internally, and will be available during your business hours every weekday.

We will follow your protocols and preferences, and make sure we duplicate your exemplary customer service standards.
Staff up quickly and easily and meet client demand
Avoid costly and time consuming new staff training
Avoid lost client revenue or appointment requests by missing calls
Reduce the strain on your front office team while satisfying customer needs, at an unbeatable price. A win-win-win situation!
We know that now more than ever practices are overwhelmed and team members are exhausted. We also know that you are dedicated to your customer service standards. Instead of putting this at risk, let GuardianVets provide the support you need, we have your back!
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