24/7 triage support for your clients and unplug from the practice.

Our team of best-in-class DVMs and Veterinary Nurses can act as a virtual extension of your hospital and help with after-hours triage, call overflow, call-backs, scheduling, and so much more! We work with clinics of all sizes and structures. No matter your source of strain, the team at GuardianVets has your back. 

Explore our different offerings based on practice needs and reach out to us if you'd like to learn more.

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Triage Support & Continuity of Care

Staff meeting? Realize your clients don’t want to leave a voicemail? Worried about missing calls?

We provide triage support 24/7 fully integrated into your practice so you can rest easy knowing your clients are being taken care of.


4/5 pet owners surveyed think after-hours service is “extremely valuable and important.” 2 out of 3 indicate that they would consider this when finding a new veterinary practice.

Increase ROI

GuardianVets vet hospitals see an average increase of 15–30 appointment requests in their first month from our after-hours triage service. By offering continuity of care, your hospital can generate more appointments and bring in new clients that otherwise would have gone elsewhere.

Set-Up in Minutes

We help you organize with relevant updates

Receive updates so you know exactly who is calling you, when, and why. All calls are recorded and any appointment requests will be provided the same day.


We help you spread awareness

We will help you with an outreach program and customization options to fit your practice, so all of your clients are aware that after hours triage care is available.


We integrate into your veterinary hospital

Our decision support software can tell when you’re closed and can be customized for your emergency referral preferences. Our set up is fast and will not disrupt any business operations.



GuardianVets is proud to announce it has been selected as the exclusive AAHA After-Hours Triage Service Provider.
AAHA Exclusive Partner
Appointments Scheduling
Allow patients to request new appointments during after hours. Then measure the impact of those appointments on your bottom line.
real-time analytics
Through your dashboard, quickly see who called, why, what the recommendation was and assess the bottom-line impact on your practice.
Client outreach support
We will help you reach out to your patients via social media, email, and post-cards to make sure they are aware you are available 24/7.
rigorous protocol
Our DVMs provide the highest level of triage protocols to help assess clinical signs and not symptoms.
practice customized
Customize your greeting and hours of operation at the click of a button. Our technology is invisible so your practice gets the brand benefits.
Fully insured
Our DVMs carry personal malpractice insurance on top of extensive corporate insurance policies.
live chat capability
Our chat API can plug into your website or app so you will never miss an opportunity to connect with a potential client.
records integration
Integrate our results with your existing Practice Management System for a 360-degree view.
eMR integrations
View the entire consultation history for each patient including recorded calls.

The Benefits to Your Practice


Clients demand access to care 24/7. By providing it through your practice, you can strengthen your relationship and improve retention.

Improved team morale

Veterinarians are adjusting their hours to open earlier and close later. This greatly diminishes work–life balance & can lead to burnout.

Client Retention

Relationships are built on communication and trust. Being there for your patients when they are vulnerable after hours is the key to building client loyalty going forward.

Increased Revenues

Generate new appointments rather than sending all after hours business to the ER. Attract more clients and improve retention.

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