Providing consistent, connected care for your clients and patients is now more important than ever before.

GuardianVets guarantees seamless integration into your practice’s workflow within a single day. 

veterinary emergency answering service
Improve communication with clients
Alleviate stress from you and your staff
Provide daytime and after-hours phone coverage
Offer virtual appointments
Unplug from your practice when you get home
Improve your overall work-life balance

GuardianVets is here to help you implement telehealth services today

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Yes, today. GuardianVets guarantees seamless integration into your hospital’s workflow within a single day.

With GuardianVets, your practice is prepared for coverage during peak times, shifting operation hours, after hours, and even temporary office closures. And the platform is free to your hospital for the next 45 days.

Your 45-day Free Services Bundle Includes

24/7 telemedicine, digital communications and customer relations service support provided by GuardianVets’ team of veterinary professionals

The option to conduct virtual patient visits (within the VCPR), ensuring peace of mind and the opportunity to turn visits and calls into practice revenue

A personalized mobile client communication app

The ability to SMS/text your clients

Direct client feedback to the veterinarian and practice team

A real-time dashboard to manage after-hours preferences, see all client activity, and analyze performance

Your Quickstart Guide to Implementing Telehealth Today

Step 1
Complete the brief enrollment form

Step 2
Your GuardianVets Client Services Manager will connect with you within 2 hours 

Step 3
GuardianVets does the rest, and your telehealth service is up and running in a single day

Protect your client relationships and your business.

Implement your 45-day Free Services Bundle today.

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How we stack up to the rest

Provider A
Provider B
Provider C
Telemedicine with payments
Integrated into veterinary hospital
Keeps your client only with your practice
Customized app for veterinary hospital
Client feedback
Consultation recordings & documentation
Triage from in-house DVMs and CVTs
Customized hospital greetings
Ability to customize ER referral preferences
Offers on-demand & scheduled virtual visits
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