Emergency? Not An Emergency? We'll let you know.

As pet owners ourselves, we understand things can come up at night and on weekends. 

We know the anxiety and panic when that sets in when you are worried something may be wrong.

We have experienced the frustrating voicemail asking you to “leave a message or go to the ER”.

We know the anger that comes when you realize that no one is willing to help you answer your medical questions at night or on weekends without spending a ton of money.

So we started an after-hours veterinary triage service, completely free to pet owners.

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GuardianVets only partners with top veterinary practices and promotes industry best practices such as AAHA to ensure that they meet service and operational standards of excellence. Our mantra to the profession is simple: good customer service is good business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve been there. Your pet is vomiting, seems lethargic, maybe whimpering, maybe swallowed something… and you’re not sure if it is an emergency.

It’s 11pm on a Tuesday or 5pm on a Saturday afternoon and you don’t know what to do.

This a horrible feeling.

What’s worse, is when you call the ER and they say “we can’t help you unless you come in to be seen” (hint hint: spends tons of money in the process). We’ve been there and that’s why we started this service! There had to be a better way!

While this service provides triage afterhours, we are not a substitute for a physical visit. Please understand that because your furry loved one doesn’t talk, there is often a lot that a licensed professional cannot determine without physically seeing the pet.

We therefore only operate through your veterinary practice, rather than on a standalone basis.  We want to bond you more closely to your practice. Every time you have a medical question, call them for free! It’s a great way to build a relationship with your veterinarian and they benefit from keeping business in-house and being the best vet in town! 

Can I call you directly?

We believe after hours medical triage should be offered through veterinary practices since we think this is a service that is best delivered through your primary practice so that we minimize the chances that it is used as a substitute for a physical visit and encourage you to visit your veterinarian more regularly.

However, some veterinary practices will claim that “they don’t feel comfortable with other veterinarians providing triage”, yet they feel completely fine shutting you down with an answering machine and forcing you to get advice from a non-licensed receptionist at the ER!  

We ask that you help us reach out to your practice directly in the form above, or tagging them on our Facebook page, here and let them know after hours care is something you want.

We believe the industry is changing to a consumer-driven model, where the wishes and demands of the client must be acknowledged and met.

Help us help you and together lets improve the way veterinary care is delivered!

Are you free?

If your primary veterinary practice has signed up to our service, then yes it is free for you.  Why don’t we charge you directly? Because we do not want to capitalize in your moment of need. Our message to the veterinary profession is simple: good customer service is good business. The practices that get this will over time win out but we need your help in telling them this is a service you expect!

I can't afford veterinary care and don't know what to do?

Don’t feel bad, this happens very often and it is actually a big issue in the industry. 

We believe financial innovation needs to happen and are big proponents of insurance and payment plans. 

Here is a list of resources you can reach out to for help.

What if my practice hasn't signed up?

We are considering a direct-to-pet owner option but currently only offer care through veterinary practices, for the reasons listed above. You can help us by filling out our form above or tagging your practice on our Facebook page here and let them know after hours care is something you want. They need to hear it from you!