How to Leverage the Right GuardianVets Services for Your Practice

April 1, 2021
Holly Sawyer DVM

While GuardianVets is a 360-degree communication solution for modern veterinary practices, our goal is to address your specific problem with our specific solution. Don’t be overwhelmed by all of the options we offer. Our sales department can help you identify your pain point and our potential solutions!

We aim to support your well-being, standard of care, and bottom line by being awake so you can sleep, answering phones so you can focus on the patients at hand, and providing efficient modes of communication to handle your increased workload. We are GuardianVets, and we have your back. 

* Service Descriptions

2-Way Chat:  an app clients use to text the veterinarian or the clinic, thus protecting DVM/staff personal privacy, speeding simple communication, and providing a means to charge for professional services. 

After-Hours Triage:  a GuardianVets veterinary professional assesses the emergent status of a patient and directs the client to appropriate care (on-call, emergency clinic referral, or next day appointment). 

CallBack Service:  a GuardianVets veterinary professional calls your patients the evening of discharge for a progress check. This can be appropriate for post-operative patients, new patients, young animals receiving initial vaccines, and sick animals that may need to be referred to the ER.

Curbside Service:  an app that allows clients to alert the clinic of their arrival, automates the intake procedure, and provides the client with real-time video access to the physical exam.

Overflow:  a GuardianVets CSR answers the clinic phone when call volume spikes. 

Telemedicine:  an app that connects clients and patients at home with the DVM via real-time video for medical consults and automatically monetizes the service.

Virtual CSR:  a GuardianVets CSR answers the clinic phone during all business hours. 

GV Whiteboard: a shared portal for emergency facilities in which patients triaged to the facility are listed on the patient board with client and patient name, CC, and ETA.

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