GuardianVets Launches Three Innovative Services to Ease Burdens on Veterinary Practices

April 1, 2021

AAHA-recommended GuardianVets, a multimodal communications platform and industry leader in veterinary telehealth providing advanced teletriage and telemedicine services, now redefines continuity of care by introducing Virtual CSR, Call Overflow Protection, and CallBack Support to clinics overwhelmed by staggering call volumes and patient numbers.

The phones in veterinary clinics across North America are ringing off the hook. The communication bottleneck caused by curbside care, decreased staffing, and increased patient load translates to prolonged hold times and client frustration. “We want to provide the communication tools necessary to maximize access to patient care, strengthen the client’s bond to the practice, and prevent staff burnout,” says John Dillon, Founder and CEO of GuardianVets.

In keeping with this philosophy, GuardianVets offers three new services:

  • Virtual CSR provides daytime clinic phone support for a pre-arranged period of time, whether that is a scheduled staff meeting, lunch, or the entire day.
  • Overflow Protection results in GuardianVets phone support when call volumes exceed the clinic CSRs’ abilities. It is essentially a shout for reserve troops to shore up the flanks.
  • In either case, practices can direct GuardianVets CSRs to schedule appointments online or submit reports to the hospital that specify client requests and patient chief complaints.
  • Every call is triaged to ensure emergent cases are highlighted.
  • CallBack Support expands the GuardianVets after-hours service by adding follow-up calls for pets discharged that day from surgical or medical hospitalizations. Triagers check on a pet’s condition and answer basic questions a client may have. Major concerns that require DVM intervention are detected early and directed per clinic guidelines for after-hours care.

“Even during the challenge of this pandemic, the major tenets of practice health remain the same. Client loyalty and staff retention improve profitability, quality of care, and job satisfaction,” says Katherine Donahue, DVM, Chief Medical Officer. “These new services buffer hospital staff from the chaotic demands of present-day veterinary medicine, while extending the reach of the veterinary hospital to meet client and patient needs.”

GuardianVets’ software and service solutions empower veterinary hospitals to grow, retain clients, and support the human-animal bond. With over three years of teletriage experience, a >95% annual hospital retention rate, a telemedicine platform that includes Video Visit, Two-Way Chat, PMS-integration, and Pre-Visit Billing, plus a growing list of innovative communication interventions, GuardianVets has proven itself effective, nimble, and dedicated to excellence in veterinary telehealth.

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