Confession: Callbacks Are Making Me Want To Quit My Job

May 14, 2021

After a full morning of back-to-back appointments, I get a 30 minute lunch.  I sit down at my desk and gulp my food while being interrupted repeatedly by my front desk staff about potential work-in appointments and whether or not these patients need to be seen today.  (Reminder to self….eat lunch in the car tomorrow).  The remainder of the afternoon includes well checks, vaccines, rechecks, routine appointments, and sick visits.  All of these appointments are done curbside, which means multiple phone calls before, during, and after each visit in order to properly communicate with my clients.  Finally, the last patient leaves the building and the parking lot is now quiet.  

Most days, I have a minimum of 10-15 callbacks to complete before I leave.  These callbacks include reporting fecal test results, talking to clients about what food they might want to switch their pet to, returning calls about progress reports, and clients wanting to know how to fix minor pet problems without coming in.  There might even be a call from someone who isn’t actually a client but knows I do a lot of work in a certain area and wondered if they could just ask a “quick question”.  

I’ve got at least another 45 minutes on the phone before I can leave, and the majority of this time will be spent without any direct financial compensation to me or my practice.   HELP.

Hey Anonymous!

Thanks for reaching out, and thanks for being real about practice life during COVID.  We’ve got solutions for your pain points and can’t wait to share them with you and everyone else that needs extra support right now.  Let’s talk about curbside video access to reduce phone calls during the day, outsourcing low level callbacks, and using telemedicine to monetize your time.

We can help.

Your Friends at GuardianVets

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