Mission statement

GuardianVets is a relationships company. We provide services and build technology to help strengthen the relationships between veterinary practices and their clients. By doing so, we believe veterinary practices will thrive and access to patient care will improve.

Through our technology, we aim to:

Promote quality of life for veterinary practitioners
Increase compliance and patient well-being
Deliver true continuity of care
Delight both clients and the veterinary practices we serve
Improve the convenience of client-practice communication

A company is really just a collection of people who agree to work together toward a common goal. Our goal, at its heart, is to improve patient outcomes through expanded communication access and convenience.

Our Values

For the individual and the practice at the heart of the human-animal bond

As a mindset to challenge the status quo

For our fellow humans and the pets we love

Hard Work
We consider hard work a virtue both in our professional and personal lives.

As the cornerstone for personal and professional conduct

To the pursuit of excellence

As a tool to continually improve


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Suite 205, Chicago, IL  60613

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