Emergency hospitals

Is your emergency room overloaded with non-emergent phone calls? Are you closed during the day, but still want to be there for your clients?

GuardianVets now has a service specifically tailored to emergency clinics. Whether you are a 24 hour emergency room or a night time ER, your team is likely overloaded with an influx of calls, and our service is designed to help mitigate that workload. We know that emergent calls are priority for your clinic, so we will assist with all non-emergent calls, acting as a CSR. We will be available to triage potential patients, answer questions, direct calls, and more. Our priority is to assist you in helping guarantee your level of care.

Emergency & Specialty Care

Add a trained veterinary professional to your team to assist during a heightened time of need

Our team acts based upon your specific preferences and protocols

Available for both 24 hour emergency clinics and after hours emergency clinics

Acts as a virtual CSR, performs all duties of a CSR
Staff up quickly and easily and meet client demand
Make sure the priority remains on the patient in front of you, while being assured all other needs are being met.
Ability to satisfy client needs in a way that is tailored to your specific protocols.
Increase both client and employee satisfaction without reducing any level of care. 
We know that at emergency clinics, the calls never stop. Let us be there for you, so you can be there for the patients. Our emergency services is a well rounded platform to make sure that all the needs of the stressful environment in an emergency clinic are being met.
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