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Veterinary Curbside: Contactless Visits for Pet Owners

Our new Curbside solution enables veterinary practices to offer safe, contactless appointments for pet owners and veterinary professionals through the GuardianVets app.

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1. Park and Check-In

After parking in the veterinary practice parking lot, pet owners check-in on the GuardianVets App. Veterinary staff receive an arrival notification and transport the pet inside for their Virtual Visit.

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2. Join the Virtual Waiting Room

The pet owner is then added into the Virtual Waiting Room on the GuardianVets app.

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3. Chat Virtually with Your Vet

Pet owners receive real-time video access into the exam room. This makes it easy for the veterinarians to easily communicate with clients.

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4. Finish Curbside Appointment

Once the Virtual Visit is complete, the pet owner will be notified and their pet will be safely returned to the car.

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Questions about Curbside? Interested in learning more about GuardianVets?

Curbside makes the appointments as smooth as possible for all parties involved, ensuring that neither safety nor client satisfaction is jeopardized.

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