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Is your team feeling overwhelmed? Do you want to ensure your clients are cared for even after they have left the clinic?

At GuardianVets, we know your team is the heart and soul of your clinic, and they are committed to providing an exceptional level of care. With our callback services, we can help your team to keep delivering this level of care by taking some tasks off their plate, giving them more time to dedicate to patients. Let our team cover your callbacks, from post op care to follow up calls, we have you covered.


We will cover your non-revenue generating calls, while you maintain your patients standard of care. 

Follow up or post op calls completed by our licensed veterinary technicians on behalf of your practice, we follow your specific preferences and instructions when making call backs

We can cover an unlimited amount of callbacks for your clinic, and our low fee is covered by the pet owner.

We can integrate with your PMS to guarantee all correspondence is properly documented.
Save time and money by allowing us to focus on your non-revenue generating calls
Increase workplace efficiency and reduce workload of CSRs/techs
Low fee is easily covered by customer
Increase customer satisfaction with attention to detail
A follow up call may be the last on the to-do list, and we want to make sure that you are able to focus all of your energy on your patients in front of you. We know that call backs are an important part of customer satisfaction, so let us handle the details and lessen the load!
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