Do you need to improve your work life balance? Are you worried about your clients and patients when your clinic is closed?

With GuardianVets After-Hours Triage service, your practice will be available to clients, even when you are not, because pets don’t only get sick during business hours. With our team behind you, you can ensure that your clients are being cared for when your doors are closed, including holidays and weekends, ensuring true continuity of care. Our software integrates seamlessly into your hospital and allows for full customization of the client experience, so you can rest easy knowing your clients are being taken care of. GuardianVets is comprised of licensed DVM’s and Veterinary Technicians, answering after hours calls on behalf of your clinic and assessing the situation in a professional manner, while strictly adhering to the boundaries of VCPR.


Trained DVMs/Veterinary Nurses answer on behalf of your clinic when you are closed

Answer questions, schedule appts, refer emergencies, gather history for on call doctor, etc.

Consultation report generated for every interaction-Ability to fully integrate with your PMS

Fully customizable to doctor/clinic

User friendly hospital portal for all team members 

Unlimited amounts of calls, coverage includes major holidays and weekends
Make sure your pet owners avoid the emergency room for non emergent cases, keeping revenue in your clinic, avoid lost client revenue or appointment requests by missing calls
Decrease frequency of unnecessary calls to your on-call doctor
Provide peace of mind to concerned pet owners, adding value to the doctor-patient relationship
Ability to satisfy client needs in a way that is tailored to your specific protocols
With our after-hours triage, both you and your customers can rest assured that your clinic will always be there for them and their pets. Never risk missing a call again, retain your customer base, increase revenue, and improve customer satisfaction, all while you are at home resting and recharging. At GuardianVets, we believe a proper work-life balance is key to the success of a clinic and its team. With that kind of peace of mind, everyone can sleep more soundly.
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