Good Client Service Is Good Business

Your phones are your lifeline during the day and also at night!

Generate new appointments

GuardianVets practices see an increase of 30 – 70+ appointment requests in their first month from our after-hours triage and answering service and use after hours care as a new way to even bring in new clients to the practice.

Improve service

Customer service is one of the most important factors for a healthy, growing veterinary practice. So why only focus on customer service during normal business hours and neglect client needs during nights, weekends and holidays? 

Keep business in-house

A 3 veterinarian practice typically receives about 3-5 calls after hours per week. That is 80 -140+ times per month you have missed an opportunity to engage with your clients. Be there for your clients when they need it most.

Bond your clients more closely to your practice.

Set up is as easy as 1,2,3!

1. We integrate into your phone system

Our decision support software can tell when you’re closed and can be customized for your emergency referral preferences. Our set up is fast and will not disrupt any business operations.

2. We help spread the word

We will help you send postcards, email notifications, and social media updates so all of your clients are aware that after hours triage care is available.

3. You count the happy clients!

Receive bi-weekly updates so you know exactly who is calling you, when, and why. All calls are recorded and any appointment requests will be provided the same day.

Family loved. Pet approved.

Let our customers do the talking!

Thank you GuardianVets! My little Tootsie was vomiting over the weekend and I was MORTIFIED.

After speaking with one of your veterinarians I was able to understand some possible causes as to why is my dog throwing up. 

I ended up scheduling a follow-up with my regular veterinarian through your service and everything was fine! Such a relief!



Marilla Gordillo

Chicago, Illinois

As a new pet owner, I was thrilled to know a triage service like this existed. It is frustrating to have something come up late at night or during the weekend and have no one to talk to.

After using this after-hours veterinary answering service I not only was able to schedule a follow-up appointment with my primary care provider, I also realized that my puppy was late on his heartworm medication.

No way I would have caught that had I just gone to the ER.  I cannot recommend this enough.

Ben Zerbe

Santa Monica, California

I have a large Doberman puppy Stella who used to love to play rough with another Boxer mix.

We’d often take them out playing on the weekends but once she slipped on ice and had cuts across her underside/belly that got extremely sore at night. It was a huge relief to be able to talk with a veterinarian even though my regular clinic was closed. I tried calling the ER and they didn’t want to help me at all!

This service was amazing.

Yanna Bushmelov

Boston, Massachusetts

How many new appointments can my practice generate?

Request a case study or simply call 866-744-7807.  We’re happy to chat!

Frequently asked questions

Is after hours care really that big of an issue?

Yes. The fact that you’re asking indicates that you’re likely not actively tracking the single most important lifeline for your business – your phones!!!  

Think about how much you invest in getting new clients (e.g. billboards, postcards, events, etc) and keeping existing clients (e.g. front of house staff to make sure calls are picked up, appointment reminders, etc). EASILY $50k+ a year when you remember the staff costs, right?

Now think about this… what happens to all that investment if a client tries to reach you and you’re unavailable?  

How much do you cost?

Our pricing depends on factors related to your practice.  For example, how big is your practice? How many Active Clients do you have? What is your Average Transaction Size? Do you plan on passing through the costs to your clients? What demographic of pet owners do you service? 

The veterinary industry is extremely diverse and so we have different options to cater to different needs. Above all, however, we will make sure that you see a return on investment.

At the end of the day, we know this is a very large but very small industry. Everyone knows each other! Our goal is to make sure you continually see our value and help us spread the word organically through referrals. 

Good client service really is good business.

How do I know we can trust your team?

Our team is our single most important asset and we are tremendously proud of them.

We have an exceptional team of veterinarians and veterinary technicians/nurses (they are all licensed and actively practicing in both general practices and emergency practices as well, by the way), some which are board certified. We also have a deep list of referrals from current clients to back them up.

Want their resumes and schedule a call so you can test them for yourself? Call us! We will coordinate a meeting. Also please remember that we understand veterinary practices vary greatly in how they want their clients to be treated. We can customize to your specific preferences so you can rest assured your clients receive a consistent brand message. 

On top of our exceptional team, we have a deep set of triage protocols in place already, the technological infrastructure built in a secure environment to recognize where calls are coming from, document/record everything, provide summary reports, request appointments, customize for your practice’s preferences and give you robust analytics so you can see in real time the bottom line impact to your business.

Does this violate VCPR regulations?

No. We have carefully worked with our legal team and various regulatory bodies to make sure that our services do not establish any VCPR. Our doctors do not in any way provide diagnosis nor are we a substitute for a physical examination. We do, however, provide triage support and can tremendously help pet owners alleviate non-emergency concerns, and schedule appointments with their primary care provider.

Will your service extend any additional liability to my practice?

No. But this is a question we get frequently and one we are happy to answer because we take a significant amount of time in addressing.

We have 3 broad lines of defense regarding liability:

1) Disclosures/Terms of Use: to both our practices and to the pet owners we serve, we explicitly remind our customers that GuardianVets does not provide any medical diagnosis or establish VCPR. Consultations by our veterinarians are for general advice only. 

2) Insurance Coverage: our veterinarians will be covered by professional liability insurance and our business has its own umbrella corporate plan.

3) Training/ Quality Control: Our veterinarians are extensively trained in providing triage support and have strict guidelines to help them err on the side of caution should an ambiguous situation arise with a pet.

What hours do you operate?

Our services become available as soon as you indicate your practice is closed. Typically that means nights and weekends, however we have had huge successes with smaller practices during holidays or vacation periods, as veterinarians also need some time off!

What is your cancellation policy?

We offer no-questions-asked cancellations to all customers within 15 days of your purchase. In such situations, we will work closely with you to determine the root cause of your dissatisfaction and will take every step possible to rectify the situation. We caution in advance that it takes time for patients to become aware that the new service is available. Accordingly, we work very closely with all of our practices to help them contact their patients and let them know about their new service offering.

What other services do you offer?

Our primary service is to extend the hours of care for veterinary hospitals and clinics. In one sense we are similar to traditional veterinary practice management software providers with a particular focus on after-hours triage services. We are working closely with veterinary schools and with equine veterinarians, in particular, to extend our service offerings for their unique needs. If you are interested in learning more please reach out!

Is this telemedicine?

No. GuardianVets is strictly an after-hours triage and answering service that helps veterinary practices to better schedule visits that can wait, provide advice when needed (i.e. after hours), and direct pet owners to come in for immediate emergency care, if necessary. Our veterinarians do not in any way provide diagnosis, do not establish VCPR and are not in any way a substitute for physical examinations.